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You expect the very best when your choice is a Bosconi vanity. This is why we use soft closing hinge designs in all our Contemporary collection vanities. At Bosconi, our standards are at the highest end of the spectrum. We keep our stock always up to date guaranteeing you will experience only the latest ideas.

What is a soft closing hinge?  It is a distinctive hinge that decelerates the closing actionwhen the door is pushed to close.  This allows you to softly and effortlessly close a Bosconi vanity door no matter how hard you may slam. If you have experienced the occasional banging of a vanity door, you will appreciate the quiet closing of a soft closing hinge. The resistance on damping is calibrated to each moving part.  This resistance can even be adjusted depending upon your needs.  When you purchase a Contemporary collection vanityby Bosconi, you are getting solid wood frames with a CARB PH2 certified panels. With a soft closing hinge designed into the furniture, you can experience the luxurious elegance of quality workmanship.

At Bosconi, it is our privilege to bring you the very best in bathroom vanities.  When you have aBosconi vanity in your home or office, you can know that you have chosen from the best available furnishings for your bathroom.

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