39” Bosconi SB-2205 Contemporary

E Colum.


Dimensions: (Vanity) W N-12” if side is present”x L O” x H P” (Side Cabinet) W 12” x D 18” x H 31”

Side cabinet not attached.

Weight: Q lbs

Dimensions with Packaging: (Vanity) W AA” x L AB” x H AC” (Side Cabinet) W 15.4” x D 21.5” x H 34.7”

Weight with Packaging: (Vanity) AD lbs (Side Cabinet) 38.8 lbs

J finish.


Vanity: U soft closing cabinet doors, V drawers. Side Cabinet: Three drawers.

L hardware finish.

Pop up drain included.

Faucet optional.


Dimension: (Vanity) W AL -” x L AM” x H AN” (Side Cabinet) [Side Cabinets Sets Tab (this text is not needed, this is for your notes)] W AH” x D AI” x H AJ” (to pick the correct top Q look through which top for that side is included and find the right item)

Weight: AO lbs

Dimensions with Packaging: (Vanity) BR” x BS” x BT” (Side Cabinet) W15.4” x D20.9” x H34.7”

Weight with Packaging: (Vanity) AD lbs (Side Cabinet) 15.5 lbs

Single hole


Dimensions: W BK″ x L BL” x D BM″

Sink weight: BQ lbs

BC BF BG BE BH sink.

Packaged Dimensions: W CH″ x L CI” x D CJ″

Packaged Weight: CK lbs

Back Splash (this info only if you have a backsplash on that item, you will see on photo and also column AQ will tell you, if not included delete all the lines included for this part)

Dimensions: W CC″ x L CD” x D CE″

Backsplash weight: CF lbs



Mirror Dimensions: W DU” x L DV” x H DW″

Weight of Mirror: DZ”lbs.

Dimensions with packaging: W EH” x L EI″ x D EJ”

Weight of Mirror with packaging: EK lbs.

DS finish.



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