Dark Emperador Marble

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Dark Emperador marble is a raw material that has been highly sought after for years. It is Spain’s rock. The number of quarries for this stone continues to increase. So far, there are ten. They are all around the town of Yecla, the main site for the marble. Other cities are Caudete and Jumilla, the areas that converge Yecla’s cultures that create magnificent art. Since this town thrives on their furniture industry, it must also rely on their natural stones for economic growth as well. Many of the quarries for the Dark Emperador marble are large; this raw material creates a high demand in the market because of its popularity.

The stone is famous because of its charm. Its elegancy shines in anyone’s home or office area. The rock shares both bright and dark colors that run throughout. It is a feature that many architects enjoy and many people purchase it to have it built in their home. Most of the time the Dark Emperador is a brown colored marble with some veins that are lighter. The tonality mainly depends on the amount of calcite there is contained within the rock. All the variations of the slab are beautiful, and the strength that it can hold is unbelievable.

There is a strong reason why this marble is the number one pick for builders. The toughness and weight of the rock are undeniably the highest quality out there. Spain is the only country that can mine massive quantities of it; no other countries can find enough on their lands. The Spanish workers in the marble mining industry can now find different variation of this lush rock that give renovators many options for what they need. There are several applications for the Dark Emperador such as a fireplace, bathroom, floor, mosaic, pool, spa, etc. The list can go on.

This material’s versatility is worth the price. It can be used for practically any design purpose that comes to mind. Aside from looks, the rock’s physicality is one of the best in the market. The marble is highly resilient to dirt, spills, and moisture. Cleaning up after a mess on a floor, wall, or counter that is constructed with the Dark Emperador marble is simple and fast. No harmful chemicals are needed. All the features of the marble come at an affordable price for such high quality material. It is not the average marble, it is far more.

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