Carrara Marble

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The Romans were known for many things during the Bronze Age, especially for their use of Carrara marble, or “luni marble”. Carrara became popular when the Cybo and Malaspina families took control of monitoring Massa and Carrara, specifically the Apuan Alps. This was during the 17th and 18thcenturies, right when the marble mining industry boomed. The Italians sought after great quantities of this beautiful rock because of its architectural uses. Its strength and lush attracted many historical figures.

Michelangelo, the arts master, adored this raw material. Many fine buildings and sculptures in Italy are constructed with this marble such as the Basilica of Massa, the Siena Duomo, and the statue of David. This is not the extent of this material’s influence. It reaches across the world, to many countries like England and the United States. This marble was used to make the Marble Arch in London, and the Peace Monument in Washington D.C. Carrara takes on many different shapes that maintains its beauty and withholds flawless foundations for decades, for centuries.

The wonderful rock is popular for many things, primarily for its color: white. There are many blocks of raw material that have veining, but this marble does not. Its purity is striking to the eye, bringing out many flavors of aestheticism. Many countries try to label other white rocks with much veining, as Carrara, but true Carrara looks pure and solid. Sometimes the marble may come in a blue-gray, depending on the location of the quarries found. Both types of rocks are favored for sculpture and architecture. Although this rock is more expensive than the average rocks, there is a reason why people spend a little more for it.

The quality of the Carrara marble cannot be found anywhere else. Today it is popular for floor tiling, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, dining halls, and more. Along with the exotic, luxurious appeal, its superior strength beats any slab available on the market. This exquisite marble is chosen to amplify any home or office interior. The ambiance creates a soft, yet bright mood that is perfect for any room. The reflection of the rock’s color carries a great circulation of light that complements floors as well. An elegant and powerful marble from Tuscany only promises supreme quality for any person looking to renovate space, interior or exterior. Carrara marble appears to be a classic throughout the world, and has been for centuries.


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