Bosconi is synonymous with quality, reliability, and affordability. Our business is built on providing the highest quality, exquisite bathroom vanities available on the market. To ensure that this is effectively accomplished we demand only great materials to be used in our bathroom vanities.  High quality natural marbles, granite, and tempered glass that not only catch and keep the attention of onlookers, but are also very durable. Added to this, we import CARB PH2 certified merchandise only, which ensures that our high standards are met. Our bathroom vanities are available in several different styles, sizes, and colors to meet and exceed any homeowner’s expectations.

Bosconi Demands the very best for our merchandise and we strive to offer you great quality, at the most competitive prices. We utilize a robust, state-of-the-art distribution center in Compton, CA storing our 100,000 Sqft of inventory. In keeping with extremely high quality standards, the warehouse we use is professionally managed and armed with caring employees who provide efficient, accurate, and timely execution of orders to our customers, ensuring that quality is of its utmost importance.  Bosconi has far surpassed standards and better yet, we are always searching for ways to exceed the expectations that we have set.  When you are talking about high quality bathroom vanities at competitive prices, Bosconi should be your full stop to that sentence.

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